One-Stage Stochastic problem

  • 5 January 2023
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Good afternoon all and happy new year. I wish to know if a stochastic model can have only 1 stage. If yes, how can I write this in AIMMS? By this, I meant do I create a parameter “PeriodToStageMapping” and just write 1 as the input? Many thanks...

3 replies

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Hi Olusegun!

Thanks for posting again.

Being a WebUI front-end developer, not knowing the answer -at all-, I feel like your question deserves a place in a different sub-forum, namely AIMMS Developer. Like a question you posted last year.

Since I cannot move it, can I ask you to repost (and perhaps clarify a bit more) in that forum? Other colleagues will be notified and you stand a better chance of finding a suitable answer.


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This is now moved to AIMMS Developer forum. 

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Hi @olusegun.adeniji 

Unfortunately we don’t have any examples of this right now in our resources...however we are working on new ones, so it is possible that it will be added in the future.

Typically the team will also post in community when a new example is available, but they live here:

For now, I hope the vast internet of math geeks will offer you some kind of helpful suggestions. 😀 If you do find a good example, please feel free to share it back here in this thread!


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