Opening AIMMS 4.37 project in AIMMS 4.88 crashes the programs

  • 30 September 2022
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I am trying to open a project that was written in AIMMS 4.37 with AIMMS 4.88. Upon opening it, the window shows ‘compiling’ at the bottom for a few seconds before crashing and closing down.


Is this to be expected?

Is AIMMS 4.88 compatible with projects written in older versions?

Should I expect to see an error message instead of the whole program crashing?


Any help would be much appreciated!





1 reply

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Hey @SandipPatel


37 to 88 is a big step when upgrading the version. We normally advice the AIMMS version to be updated a bit more frequent. But, on your case, I advise you to try to update in parts, i.e., from 37 to maybe 50? See what breaks, fix, test, and do it again to an newer version. Try using the same scenario to test, always checking the main funcionalitys and results. 

If with this you are still having problems, share the project and the log files through our support system ( 


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