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Hello everyone,

i'm just a beginner and have a few problems with aimms. 

I am investigating a warehouse in which customer orders are split up into partial orders. Each partial order is assigned to a zone.

My problem is that Aimms assigns the partial orders to multiple zones instead of just one.


In the attachement you can see that a partial order is assigned to several zones. 

j are the partial orders; z are the zones

Is there a way to say in a constraint that only one value can be assigned?


Thank you!!!


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You may check the AIMMS Distribution Center Allocation example:


In the “Minimize Expected Transportation Cost Multiple DC” model, there is OneDCUsedToSupply constraint:

Constraint OneDCUsedToSupply {
    IndexDomain: (d);
    Definition: sum( c, DCUsedToSupply(c,d) ) = 1;



Thank you for the answer and help.

I will try it.

Best regards!


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