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  • 30 March 2021
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Is there a way to lock a page in Web-UI with a password?


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Hello @vishweshpatil,

There is not user/password protection mechanism in the WebUI itself, as we arrange this differently. Not sure of your situation or use case, so let me share a way to protect access.


First of all, if you are in Development mode, there is no way to manage access; as you are the developer building an App you have access to everything.

Once you want to give access to others, you need to deploy the application on AIMMS PRO, the deployment platform. The best option is our AIMMS Cloud as this is a fully managed platform (a separate license is needed).

When you publish an App, you can manage user access to the Apps. We propose to connect to ActiveDirectory or SAML such that you can give access to complete groups at once.

In the App, you can request the user that opens the App and then decide what this user or user group is allowed to do. Combining it with Authorization level even allows you to have certain users be able to edit data, while others can only see (or not even see) the data. We see also customers using the ‘user’ info to manage where a user is allowed to go (or not), eg by building a custom workflow widget that changes based on a user.


Reference articles:


Hope this helps! 


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