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  • 17 April 2023
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Hi all, 

I want to read data from Excel but it should be sorted customly. 

In Excel the data is like this: 


The result in AIMMS should be this: 


I can create this with a text join in Excel and paste the value in the data field in AIMMS but the data changes frequently so I want to automate this with AXLL functions. It is important that the order of a, b and c holds. 


Does anyone have an idea to do this? 


Best answer by Chris Kuip 18 April 2023, 16:56

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2 replies

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Hi @Chris Kuip , 

It worked! Thank you very much for the example. 


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After reading in the second column into a string parameter, I'd use the following steps:

  • For each row:

I've enclosed a small working AIMMS 4.94 project.


Let me know if you have questions on the above.


With kind regards,



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