Run SQL query on database with dots in the table name

  • 26 January 2023
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I am trying to use database procedure function to extract some data from a HANA view database.

Unfortunately, table name has dots (“.”), so it seems like AIMMS cannot parse it for SQL query properly. For example, the table name is something like xx.yy.zz/pp, where you can see some dots between xx, yy, and zz.  

Can you help us to figure out proper syntax to write sql query with this type of name?

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I am not sure which database server you are using, but I tried this out on a MySQL database with a table called Mischa.Dot.Test. The following syntax works:


select * from testDBMS.`Mischa.Dot.Test`;


However, when searching on the Internet about this, using dots in table names is not considered as good practice. See the remarks made here, for example.


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