Running multiple instances and the data manager tool

  • 22 September 2022
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In the new version of  aimms, the “data manager button” does not exist. 

I used to run multiple instances as a batch file using the data manager. 

I saw the “select multiple case files option” but I could not figure out how to use it

to run a set of instances automatically. 

I appreciate any help in advance.


Best answer by Chris Kuip 23 September 2022, 16:40

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Hello Sara,


Indeed, the functionality you describe is not available since AIMMS 4.86.

Please note, however, it is easily coded in an AIMMS procedure. Assuming you have created a selection of cases in CurrentCaseSelection, and you selected the procedure pr_computeTotPrice to be applied to all cases selected, the code to run a batch is then as follows:


Procedure MainExecution {

    Body: {

        ep_proc := StringToElement( AllProcedures, "pr_computeTotPrice", 0 );

        for IndexCurrentCaseSelection do

            sp_fn := CaseFileURL( IndexCurrentCaseSelection );



            apply( ep_proc );


            CaseFileSave( sp_fn, AllIdentifiers );

        endfor ;


    StringParameter sp_fn;

    ElementParameter ep_proc {

        Range: AllProcedures;

        Default: 'MainExecution';




Imho, as the way the batch is structured, you now have a lot more flexibility in handling the batch.  For instance, you can store the output in a separate folder, instead of overwriting the input case (not shown in the above).


Does this help?


With kind regards,




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