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  • 6 June 2024
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Show the infeasibility reason as in Excel it will have the command to show that the cell is wrong in red, how to apply the concept in AIMMS as to show that the infeasibility in which part clearly. Also to get suggestions from AIMMS on what needs to be changed by what.


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Dear Anne,


I am not sure I fully capture your question, but let try to give some pointers.

You have option when doing an infeasibility analysis in AIMMS. You can do them directly using the solver's tools and get the reporting in the form of a listing file, or you can do them using the AIMMS Math Program Inspector. I will add some links in below.

The way I do analysis, is to open the MPI (Math Program Inspector) and run the IIS (Irreducible Inconsistent System).

AIMMS will highlight which constraints are involved in the IIS and you can visualize them individually by opening up the tree.

If you would like to see them all in one place, you have the option of selecting them (highlight the ones you want by Control + Clicking) and export them to text format:






I hope this helps you.

Useful links:


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