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  • 20 October 2023
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Our model exists of 7 optimizations. However, after the 6th optimization it says that it is terminated by the solver, and it ended up in intermediate non-optimal. What does this mean? Did it end up in a local minimum? Or does it mean something else. Can the results be trusted? If not, how can I solve this?


Thanks in advance!


5 replies

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Hi @ElineOoms To find out what it means you should enable CPLEX logging by setting the following options:

  • Solvers General option 'Solver listing messages' to 'All'
  • CPLEX option 'Barrier display' to 'Normal' or ‘Diagnostics’

If you then rerun the model, CPLEX will create a status file in the log folder. If you need help with understanding this status file then please copy it here.

Hi @Marcel Hunting,

Thank you for the suggestions. I put the logging on (for a run with other inputs, however this run also ends up in intermediate non-optimal) and this is the file I get. It states:


A solution is available, but not proved optimal, due to numeric difficulties during optimization with CPLEX.
A solution is available, but not proved optimal, due to numeric difficulties during the optimization.


How can I avoid these numeric difficulties?




Hi @ElineOoms

Enabling the AIMMS scaling tool could be a solution to your problem. This tool is designed eliminate numerical instabilities in your mathematical program. 

You can enable this tool by going to: 

Settings > Project options > Solvers general > Scaling > Scale model

There you can also find more information about the scaling tool, by going to 'Help'.  
Additionally, there is a post about the scaling tool on the Community:

Best regards, 



Hi @ElineOoms

A quick follow up: Currently, CPLEX Barrier crossover is disabled for your model. You could try enabling crossover: 

Settings > Project options > Specific solvers > CPLEX > General > Solution type = Automatic or Basic

Barrier crossover is disabled if the Solution type is set to Non-basic.

Best regards, 


Hi @Toine,


Thank you very much for your suggestions, we will try this!


Kind regards,



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