Storing data iteratively in a parameter

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I am trying to develop a model and store the output iteratively. The code I have written is given below. I am trying to store the output “poFGAllocation(sr,d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l)” iteratively. Model is running and showing optimal solution. However, the output parameter returns empty dataframe. 

pLoopCount is a parameter with initial value 1. 

while (pCardFG > 0) do
for sr do
solve mpMaximizeWagonCap where MIP_absolute_optimality_tolerance = 0.05;
!vFGAllocationTonsLoop1(xy,sr,d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l) := vFGAllocationTonsLoop(sr,d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l);
poFGAllocation(sr,d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l) := vFGAllocationTons(d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l);
sFGLoaded := sFGLoaded + {f| sum[(d,p,b,n,a,s,l),vFGAllocationTons(d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l)] >= 0.99};
sFG_ID := sFG_ID - {f| sum[(d,p,b,n,a,s,l),vFGAllocationTons(d,p,b,f,n,a,s,l)] >= 0.95};
execute("cmd.exe /k 1interProcessData.bat", wait: 1, minimized:1);
pLoopCount += 1;

Kindly help if I am doing anything wrong. 

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I missed one thing i.e. sr is ElementRange(pLoopCount, pLoopCount);

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Not sure what is going wrong based on just this piece of code.

My first action would be using the aimms debugger to go through this procedure step-by-step and at every step check whether the data I expect is there or not.


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