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I am currently working on a project using AIMMS, and I have a question regarding the declaration of data as Subsets and Parameters. I understand the basic concepts, but I am a bit confused about the difference between Subsets and Parameters.

In my understanding, both Subsets and Parameters seem to serve similar purposes, but I am sure there are distinct differences between them. Could someone please explain the difference between Subsets and Parameters in AIMMA, and provide some examples of when to uses each?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hi @Wanie Saidi


I imagine your question is related to these settings while defining your set, correct? 


Under Subset of you will be able to add a Set indentifier. For example, you can have a set called s_allNodes that can hold every node of your network, and another set called s_factoryNodes. Under s_factoryNodes setting, you can add s_allNodes to Subset of, which will indicate that s_factoryNodes is a subset of s_allNodes.

Under Parameter you will be able to add an Element Parameter identifier, this parameter will be used as a pointer to an element of your set. 

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Thank you for the response, which provide useful information about subsets of sets and element parameters. However, what I mean is the difference when declaring identifiers in AIMMS. For example as in pic below, I have two identifiers, ‘Exam_2H’ and ‘Exam_3H’, which are subsets of ‘Exams’. And there are 5 identifiers of parameters. What is the difference if I declare this data as Subsets versus Parameters?


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Sets and Subsets will hold elements. Now, Parameters holds a number. 

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I see. Thank you @gabiservidone !


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