summation over subset of an index

  • 28 February 2023
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Hello everyone,

I’m new in AIMMS and need help for my thesis.


I need to implement the following constraints:


t is an index for the period, here t = ( 1,2,3,…,T )

  1. How can i set the initial value from E(t=1) = Q
  2. How can I implement the E(T+1) 


Thank you in advance


kind regards




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Hi Marv,

  1. You can either:
    1. create a element parameter with the first element of the set defined and use it as: E(elementparameter) = Q
    2. or add a domain E(t) | t=1 = Q
  2. if T is a index of a set, you can do excatly that t+1 and the result will be the next element of that set. 

We do have 2 courses about modeling in AIMMS, this will be helpfull!


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