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  • 15 March 2020
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What is the status of the Deprecation of “Horizon data types”?


Best answer by Gertjan 16 March 2020, 13:32

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Hi @Scott Bury , we have decided to call Horizon deprecated functionality but have not put a formal statement out towards our customers. Also, we have not taken any action yet with respect to removing code (only agreed on it); hence, it will be available for a while for sure and we will offer a gracious deprecation path (warnings and such).

In Q2, I plan to develop a more concise overview of deprecated functionality as currently there is no 1 place to go. This should contain Horizon as well. Hope this helps. 

Can I ask you why you are asking? Is there anyway we can help?

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Thanks @Gertjan . We are inquiring as part of our development reviews. We do have some significant models that use the Horizon functionality and so there are decisions about when and if the models need to be re-coded. Also considerations for starting new models as the Horizon functionality is still present in the Time-based reference.


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