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  • 23 November 2021
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Dear community,


I am implementing a structure change in my database declaration and keep coming across the error below. It occurs when mapping database columns to variables, using the DatabaseTable function. The change I have made is in adding an index "st”, and the column names in the data source Access Database.

The error:

The index "uc" present in Ramp_rate(uc, yr, ct) is not present in the previously generated entry (WorkingH2(i, yr, st)) of this read statement.  AIMMS generates communication links when they are not explicitly specified between the keywords read/write and from/to.  These entries are constructed by considering the column names in the database, the identifier names in the model and/or the database table mapping attribute.

The variable Ramp_rate has little connection to the read statement where the error occurs. Has anyone encountered this error before, and do you have an idea what problem this error most likely hints towards?


Thank you kindly for your help in advance,



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The question above has been handled via


In short, the solution concerned selecting NoImplicitMapping as a Property of the relevant Database Table


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