Use initial MIP start for Gurobi

  • 26 January 2023
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Hi all,

I found the setting to use an intial solution in AIMMS for Gurobi, however, how and where do you efficiently add this initial solution in AIMMS? 

Can I export an AIMMS output and read it again to use as the intial value? If so, how? 


I found this topic, but the link does not work: How to start solving with an initial solution | AIMMS Community


Best answer by Marcel Hunting 27 January 2023, 16:53

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3 replies

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You have to assign level values to the variables before you call the solve statement. You can do that using an assignment statement like

x(i,j) := p(i,j);

or read the variable values from a case file (if you have stored them in the case file), or from some other data source.

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Hi @GaboriauArthur , 

I already saw that article and also set the settings according to it. 

But how do I set the intitial values and where do I set them (e.g. in the MainExecution or somewhere else) because I have a model with a lot of variables and entering them manually is not efficient. 

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Hey, does this helps?


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