Vehicle Routing Problem on the Constraints

  • 31 March 2023
  • 3 replies

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Good day,


I am currently working a vehicle routing problem for the refinery simulation VRP.


I am model runs without error but couldn’t give out the best solution.


I would like to request for assistance upon this issue.


Thank you.

3 replies

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I am going to take a look at your problem, but I already see empty WebUI pages and a button to import that does nothing. So I ran this  readExcel and MainExecution. Is that the correct way to use this project? 

Did you use any AIMMS model as base to your? We do have extense documentation about CVRP ( maybe this can be helpfull too. 

Let you know when I have something. 

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Good day.


Thank you for your reply.


At the moment, I havent work until the webUI part. 


To answer your question, yes to run the model, you will need to run the procedure of read from Excel for both Dex and AXLL. While also load the case into active by selecting the file “”. 


Thank you and do let me know if you find out something. 



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Hi @waisheng

I’ve tested a little on your project, and I see that the node balance is being dealt by one other binary variable, so the Demand Balance contraint you have is causing infeasibility. So I changed to this: 

Suposing that this gasoline demand an inbound value of the node, not outbound.


On these cases, Math Inspector may be a great help when finding infeasibility.


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