What is the .DeveloperState file and how should it be managed with git?

  • 18 October 2022
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Hi everyone,


In the project folder of the model I'm working with, there is a binary file called Main.DeveloperState. I have looked through the documentation but I can find no information on what this file is and does exactly, except that is somehow related to pivot tables.


We use and run the model through AIMMS itself, using pages. The DeveloperState file is modified occasionally, but again: it not clear to me what causes these modifications, or what they represent. We work with multiple developers and use git for version control. Because the file is binary, it is not clear how it should be merged (if at all).


My questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this file?
  2. What happens if you delete the file?
  3. How to best treat it in git? Can it be ignored?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Lennart,

  1. The DeveloperState file describes the layout of the WinUI pivot tables you are using as a developer. It does not affect the WebUI.
    You can find more information about these state files via AIMMS Developer Menu > Help > Contents and Index.  Search for "State File Manager” to get more information.
  2. The WinUI pivot tables use their default layout when the Main.DeveloperState is removed.
  3. That depends; are you developing a WinUI application and want to preserve layouts? If not, then please ignore the file, also in git.

Does this help?


With kind regards,




Hi Chris,


This answers all my questions, thank you for the clear response!


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