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  • 10 June 2021
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The AIMMS Portal allows developers to grant permissions to the aimms apps at different levels ( environment / Group/ User )

In a situation where the permissions were invariably modified, reset or lost.

  1. Is it feasible to retrieve permissions to an app from a previous day? 
  2. Is it feasible to retrieve history of all permission modifications that have been made to an app?  Is it feasible to retrieve history of all added users ?    



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Hi gknair,


It depends a bit to the situation you are in.


When you are asking about our cloud solution where AIMMS hosts and manages the servers, we are able to help you out and we do have a log of all permissions/security related events. We can also restore your entire cloud-account to any moment in time; for an individual app this is not possible, although based on the security events it should be possible to reconstruct the prior settings and manually re-apply them. So if your question is about the cloud environment, please contact our user support.


If you are talking about a self-hosted on-premise PRO platform then there should be a logfile Security.log (and probably some with older timestamps) that contain those permission/security related events. If this is not the case, the PRO system administrator can update the log configuration file with the attached AimmsPROServerLog.xml. Security event logging was introduced with PRO 2.24, see, so the PRO server has to be sufficiently up to date as well. Also the PRO system administrator should be able to restore a snapshot of the database, again only the full database, not just a single app.


Hi Joris, Thank you for your response. Yes, I was looking at on-premise AIMMS platform and we use AIMMS PR 2.35, so I will check the security.log file. 

Since PRO platform is used for multiple apps and environment , therefore , I was keen on an app level permission. But knowing that, this is not feasible is also good information. 



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