Is it possible to develop locally but solve using the PRO cloud solver session?

  • 28 September 2021
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As the title of this question indicates, I am looking to work in developer, but send the solve statement to a pro solver session. (And retrieve the results of course)

Two main reasons for this are:

  • In that way my laptop will not be taxed (and overwhelmed) by the models that I am developing
  • In this developing stage I gather date from a database that is not connected to our PRO environment

A workaround that does work is to publish the app including relevant data (as a case to the app). However this is a rather inflexible way of developing.


As an extra detail, at this point in time my machine cannot generate and solve the instance in reasonable time, while my described workaround takes a little under 2 minutes.


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Hello @LowBjorn 


I understand your requirement but I want to clarify that this is not a recommended best practice. The AIMMS Cloud platform is not designed to be a large compute resource (say, like a VM with high memory and CPU clockspeed) but is designed to solve multiple instances of a problem of known size (scale horizontally). We recommend that you acquire a workstation/VM with enough compute resources  and install AIMMS Developer on this machine to solve your model or experiment to figure out how much memory/cpu is required to solve this model. 


That said, it is possible to use the AIMMS Cloud / PRO platform for solving a model from an AIMMS Developer instance. 

Relevant documentation is here: Debugging PRO-enabled Projects — AIMMS Documentation

You need to create a file with name ‘pro_arguments.txt’ with contents as described in the documentation and place it in the root folder of your project. When you open the project, you will get prompts to enter the user_id/password for the PRO platform, and if you want to send all delegateToServer procedures to the server or not. 

The best way to generate this ‘pro_arguments.txt’ is to publish a WinUI app on your PRO platform and launch it from your computer. Then navigate to the below path to find a ‘pro_arguments.txt’ file. Adapt that as needed and use it in your project. 


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@mohansx Thanks for the detailed answer!


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