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  • 23 July 2019
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Is it possible to disconnect automatically users in AIMMS PRO after being inactive after some minutes?

Best answer by Patrick 24 July 2019, 15:44

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4 replies

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Hi @gabiservidone ,

For WebUI applications you could use: pro::sessionmanager::FinishSession
For WinUI applications you could use: exitAimms

WebUI session remains active for 5 minutes after logout. After 5 minutes the session will be deactivated.
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@Patrick If I recall correctly there is an automatic timeout for webUI. Am I correct? Can I configure it?

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@Patrick, we just tested the pro::sessionmanager::FinishSession procedure, but we could not think of a logic that we could logout the user automatically. Maybe schedule a job at mainInicialization to an hour ahead? But my user may be still using the system, I would like only to finish his session if he is inactive for one hour.

The idea behind these questions is to control inactivity when using WebUI. At WinUI systems this was not a big problem since it is harder to forget an program open, but to leave a page inside your browser open is much more common.

Or even, currently the client has 10 seats, if the 11th tries to access, the app will run the mainInicialization? Could I list all the connected users and disconnect the most inactive or the one that is connected the longest?
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Hi @gabiservidone

AIMMS cannot determine when someone is 'idle' or what the conditions for that should be.
In the case that you describe, a work instruction on this might help.

@mateusarakawa , yes can configure 'the idle time'.

You can place a 'webui-check-alive-settings.txt' in the main folder containing the content:
like : 300 10

That means 300 seconds idle time, and checks are made every 10 seconds.

The 300/10 values are the default.

Hope this helps.


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