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  • 28 August 2019
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Hello all!

I'm working on different logs, and now I can get info about, how my solvings are in the server session. But how can I alarm the user, that he needs to wait, because a solving session is running on the server?
(I mean there is two planner for the software, and both want to send an MP to the solver. The faster start it, the other one needs to wait, until the previous solving will be finished. I want to send a log message to the waiting user, that the solving won't started because of this)

Thanks for the answers!

Best answer by Chris Kuip 9 September 2019, 16:01

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2 replies

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Here is the published version of Chris' draft! --> Number of sessions and running solves

@Boglarka Balogh How did it go? did you find a way to notify the user with this info?
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Please find enclosed a How To article I just drafted on the subject.
The link to the other article referenced is


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