Propagation of Active directory changes to Aimms Group

  • 2 December 2020
  • 2 replies

We have created a new AD group in our AD server. Added the AD group in Groups in AIMMS.

However it seems like the changes in group members in Active Directory does not propagate in AIMMS group.


We dragged the members to their new groups in able for them to be able to log in.

Note that the Group name in AD and AIMMS group are exactly the same.


Does AIMMS Pro have a back end process where synchronization between AD and AIMMS are set?

Do we have sort of configuration that  sets the timing of synchronization?


2 replies

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@michael.sabaco , can you check the Kerberos ticket lifetime setting in your AD settings ? 


Link to Active Directory for AD Member Servers — AIMMS Documentation

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Hi Michael @michael.sabaco ,

Just checking if Mohan's answer helped you to move along?

Thanks for getting back to us.



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