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Hi community!

We recently merged our develop branch into a feature branch causing a name change in one of our model identifiers (spLaneDataFolderName). Due to this merge, we observe a startup error on PRO, complaining that "awf.data.aimms.session:spLaneDataFolderName : Unknown identifier: spLaneDataFolderName (in widget 'scalar_welcome'). (widget: [object Object], status code: 400)". We do not expect any errors on PRO here, as:

  • locally we do not get an error,
  • the identifier is renamed correctly in the nch file and
  • the old identifier name is referenced nowhere in the main project as it should (only in some old .data files which are not included in the .aimmspack and in the nch file)

    We already tried removing and re-adding this identifier to the widget and re-releasing.


Can you help us resolve this old reference error which only occurs on PRO?

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@danileidelmeijer can you check if the old name can be found directly in the webui.json? 


Hi @gabiservidone, thanks for your reply. I did a “find in files” in the complete project folder (using NotePad++) and like mentioned above, the ‘old name’ of the identifier only occurs in some old .data files and in the .nch file. So not in the webui.json. Would you have an idea as to why this might go wrong? Btw: the parameter is also not stored in CDM.

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Hello @danileidelmeijer 

Do you include the nch file in the aimmspack?

Are you able to share the logs? If you cannot send here, you can send them to support@aimms.com.

Thank you



@luispinto, yes, we do include the nch file by default in our aimmspacks. We do not have log management enabled on PRO currently (which we would like). We will send an email to support@aimms.com with some details and ask to enable log management. Thanks!


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