Update AIMMS Pro Main page to use Google Analytics?

  • 27 October 2021
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we are in the process of updating many of our web applications to use Google Analytics. This involves adding a small script to the main page (ex. index.html) in the <header> section of the html.

Has anyone else done this and are there any known issues with doing so?  I know if you try to manually edit the configuration file it gets overwritten when you restart the services via configurator, so not sure if there is a similar protection on the HTML files 🙂.


Or, alternatively, has anyone set up app Azure/Application Insights with AIMMS Pro?

1 reply

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Hi dlvonde,

Are you aware of https://documentation.aimms.com/pro/admin-config-1.html#portal-customization and then the option of putting HTML into Support Contact Text? Maybe that provides a small step in the right direction for you?

And use of Google Analytics also has our interest.

Jan-Willem (PO for PRO/Cloud)


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