AIMMS Academy Course: WebUI Under the Hood

  • 4 October 2022
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There is a new Master Course available! This course discusses a range of topics that help you develop and deploy a professional WebUI application. Materials provided are in AIMMS 4.87 example. 


Click here to check out the course!


Some prerequisites:

  • Advanced knowledge of AIMMS.
  • Initial understanding of HTML, websocket and JSON.

What you'll learn:

  • understand - How the different components of a WebUI application work together. This will help you understand where potential (performance) bottlenecks in your application may occur.
  • awareness - Of some advanced WebUI widgets that might help you to improve the UI/UX for your end-users,
  • awareness - Of some some good practices that help you prepare your AIMMS application for being used in a complex server-client based, multi-user (cloud) environment.

Use this post to discuss any topic you like related to WUI104 course! 

1 reply

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This course is for now, deprecated, let us know if you are missing information about this subject! 


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