bar line chart: showing labels and secondary Y axis

  • 2 June 2021
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I know this was asked before (I believe a > 1 year ago), but is there already a way to show the values in a bar-line chart. I know you can have a nice hint-text, but I want these labels shown immediately, so you can get all relevant data in one single view/screenshot (useful for ppt presentations for managers).

In addition, the values for the bars and line I want to show have different ranges, thereby having a secondary Y axis is almost a necessity. Is that already possible, or expected anytime soon? My customer now copies data to Excel so they can make the graph they want, which I believe is a pity.


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Hi @Frank,


We do not have either of these functionalities as yet, and yes this request has been on our backlog for a while.  
We are at the moment redesigning the way widgets are rendered and also going to improve on the UI and UX of our widgets, which includes these two items as well.
One way could be to create a custom widget to incorporate these changes. Will be happy to help and provide the necessary files to our current BarLine chart if you are interested in this approach.

You would start to see the new V2 widgets sometime towards the end of Q4 or early Q1 22. 



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