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  • 2 March 2020
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Hi @Gertjan ,

We are really interested in using the Calendar widget in the WebUI. Is there any update on when will it be available? 



Cristina Sanchez Molero



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3 replies

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hi @CristinaSanchez 


Thanks for asking. We are currently sorting out some internal AIMMS work to make sure that the calendar as date-time picker can be made available in the right way.

During development, we have learned that it’s more complex than we thought as we need to deal with various timezone challenges (localization) in the use of an application. E.g. we need to separate the WebUI client timezone from the model timezone (which runs likely - it sure does on the AIMMS cloud - in a different timezone).  

Will consider it as an item in the upcoming Product Update.


Thank you 

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Just to complete some info on this topic as from 4.77 we have the DateTime picker and TimeZone setting feature available:

Good to also consider:


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