Can I get an external link (to a website) in a page or widget action?

  • 16 August 2019
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As we are converting an app to the new theme and want to make use of all the new features, I would like to get rid of (close to) all buttons on the page.

But on almost every page we have a 'help' link to an external website, where a lot of reference materials can be found. For this we used the 'ExternalLink' option of the button.

Is something similar possible in a page (or widget) action? For instance, I can't find a way to redirect to a url in a procedure.

Best answer by Pratap Kumble 16 August 2019, 15:06

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2 replies

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Hi @Guus Kattenbelt, we have introduced some Page Support Procedures that you can find in the AIMMS WebUI Library under Pages and Dialog Support -> Public Pages Support Procedures.

One of those are opening external URLs. OpenExternalLink(url)

You can call it in a procedure eg: webui::OpenExternalLink(""); and then use that procedure in the Page and Widget actions.

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@Pratap Kumble Great! This is exactly what I had been looking for!


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