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  • 28 September 2020
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Since I am now missing the possibility of the outer index area, looking for other approaches to get similar functionality. From @Gertjan I already understood that you could create a couple of widgets and use widget actions to switch between them. This would be a possibility to precreate a couple of the possible layouts. However, if you have a 5 dim identifier, this becomes quite a bit already...

I was wondering, is it maybe possible to change the pivot information from within AIMMS code? Than I could create a widget action that shows popup where you can re-arrange the pivot information (and also create the element parameter/sub index selections for the outer-index areas). I have not seen that many references to the widgets in the webui library, but maybe there is some way that this is possible?


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This will not solve all your requests likely, but I think you can use a selection box that slices the info in the table. If you want to, you can also do selections (multi-select) - we promote filter panels rather than widgets on the page. You link them via either adjustment of content, or the Display Domain option of the table. Furthermore, these results can also be achieved using the end user table filter (no development needed); and this can also filter on data values (not just index values); there is no control from the model here, but it comes out of the box and gives end users lots of ways to explore data right in the table. [see examples below]

Both ideas should be able to allow the users to dive into the data (slicing it) and understand it better.

The re-arranging/dicing part can be arranged by adjusting the pivot, but not sure if you like to expose end users to this (and it can’t be controlled from the model). Alternative is to indeed get creative. You could think of creating a DisplayLayer and a DataLayer and make a transformation between the two (each time rebuild the DisplayLayer). We have seen people be very creative in their work. Curious what you come up with.



Selected slice of data; if none is selected, all data is shown


Using multi-selections to control what is shown (using Display Domain)
Using the end user table filter option



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