For which widgets are the Widget Actions available?

  • 10 June 2019
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I'm finally able to use the new widget actions, but I'm trying to put them on a multiselect widget and there's no "broken link" icon (what y'all are using as the widget action icon).

If the widget actions aren't available on ALL widgets, can you please let us know which they are available for. And it'd sure be swell if you also put that info in the documentation.


5 replies

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Hello @MathFour, we have developed the Widget Actions for the charts and tables (as that is typical data you want to act on) and did not consider the selection widget as the use case seems very limited (and could even be challenging as when you display it as a single select or legend, it can’t be displayed [no title bar] or has no purpose [legend is not actionable]).

Did is we miss something? Please explain the need you have (I am guess it to be able to make one kind of ‘sub selection’ via a widget action .. love to hear though.) so we can understand the use case and consider extending it for the multi-select (or discuss an alternative).

Are there other widgets you think should have Widget Actions.
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Thanks, @Gertjan. Over in WinUI, you had a nice + and - that allowed the addition and removal of elements to/from a set.

In WebUI, however, that is not included (or if it is, it is not documented where I can find it) so I have to explicitly create "Add" and "Remove" buttons.

Also, the table widget does not allow for attractive looking single column lists (you're stuck with column and row headers when you don't need them), so the best way to get a list is using one of the selection widgets.

The use case is that I want to display the elements of a set and allow the user to add an element as well as remove an element. I am doing this with the group widget with "Add" and "Remove" buttons, but it'd be more elegant to have the add and remove functionality in the widget action.
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Thanks for sharing @MathFour , this makes it clearer indeed.

I realize btw that multi-select widgets do not offer the ability to add (sub)sets as contents, instead they are defined by an indexed parameter. Hence the WebUI functions differently than the WinUI in this matter.

Adding the Widget Actions to Multi-select (not the other selection widgets) could indeed by a way to achieve the ability to get what you need (still, you would have to create a Dialog and your own adding/removing elements setup).

Anyway, good feedback and this gives us something to chew on.
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PS: @MathFour , also thanks for the critical note on the 'broken link' icon that is being used for Widget Actions. We are adjusting it to a more logical one.
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To improve the ability to find feature options for the various widgets, pages etc. we created a Feature Mapping overview in our WebUI documentation:


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