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  • 2 November 2020
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I would like to freeze the left most column in one of my tables. This column contains an identifier with no values in other columns. Is this somehow possible via CSS or some AIMMS logic I am not aware of?


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3 replies

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Hello @NielsKunst,

To be honest, I am not quite sure what you like to achieve. What does ‘freeze’ mean? What does ‘no values in other columns’ mean? I am thinking you want to ‘slice’ an identifier (you can do that in the widget option), see:

Does the above help? If not, can you elaborate, possibly add a sketch and identifier specification?

Hi @Gertjan,

Thanks for your answer, but I am actually looking for freezing a column in table just like in excel, where you can freeze the view left and above the selected cell.

In this case I have a table with two identifers, Identifier 1 and 2 (see excel example screenshot). Now, when I scroll right because identifier 2 has a large index on the x-axis, I want to keep seeing the values in identifier 1 (yellow column), while scrolling-right through the values of Identifier 2. 

The excel equivalent here is selecting cell C2, and then press ‘Freeze Panes’. The columns A and B and Row 1 will always be visible in that case, no matter how I scroll. That is wat I want to achieve in the AIMMS WebUI in a table widget.


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Aha; now I understand the freezing. That is unfortunately not possible in the tables. Interesting suggestion; thanks!





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