How can I increase the axis label font when enlarging a chart?

  • 23 November 2020
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Hi all,

my question relates to the font size of axis labels when enlarging the respective widget to full-screen mode. The font size is fine on the normal page when the widget is its standard size. However, when zooming the widget, the font size stays the same, making it very hard to read.

Especially when making screenshots of the charts to use in e.g. business presentations, it would help if we can adjust the label size when enlarging a widget.

Any suggestions as to how I can do this?

Thanks in advance :grinning:


Best answer by Pratap Kumble 24 November 2020, 13:05

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Hi @Richard,

That is indeed a great suggestion and we will think of incorporating it in some way. We are already thinking of how we can improve the experience of labels with there is a lot of labels and when there are just a few. 

For the time being you can try adding the below CSS.

.widgetdiv.large .vbox .chart {
font-size:16px !important;

Please experiment with the font size. This change affects only charts in the full-screen mode. So tables will not be affected.


Please let me know if this works for you!


Thanks and Regards,



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Hi @Pratap Kumble,

Thanks for your reply, great to hear that you are thinking about incorporating it. Your attached CSS works well, thanks for that!



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