How do I empty a selectionbox in version 4.77 or higher?

  • 21 July 2022
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I see in the release notes that the default value of a parameter is now only available if it is specified.

However, I always use this option to empty selection boxes. I tried addding '’ as a default value, but that still does not allow me to select the “Default:: “ option in the dropdown.

So my question is “What should I now do to empty my selectionbox (and show the data for all possible values of the parameter - instead of only for the selected value (location in my case)?


1 reply

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Hey @Brn

I tried to reproduce here (using 4.85) and this is what I have as result. 

First is using an element parameter, second using a idexed parameter. As you can see, both has an ‘x’ in the right corner, if you click there, it will empty the value. Is this what you needed? If not, can you share the problem again with some screenshots? 


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