How do you turn off the search in a legend widget in WebUI?

  • 13 November 2019
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I have two legend widgets in my app. And one is showing a search bar and one is not. 

How do I turn these on or off?

I’m not certain how one ended up off, but I need to turn the other off too.




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3 replies

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Are there any CSS snippets for legend widgets in your ASR ?

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Whether a widget shows a search box or not simply has to do with the number of items that are displayed in the widget. If there are only a few items, no search box is displayed. This has nothing to do with ASR/CSS, it is how it is programmed in the WebUI itself.

This not only holds for the Legend widget, but also for the Multiselect, for example.

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FYI: both the legend and multiselect widget get the search bar if the number of elements is 7 or higher.


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