How to Combine Bar Chart and Line Chart

  • 21 December 2019
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How to Combine Bar Chart and Line Chart
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Sometimes you may want to combine a bar and linechart in one widget. We’ll call this a “blinechart.”


The blinechart is not a supported feature, so this handy tip is provided “as is”. It is an example of how to use Application Specific Resources (ASR).


This widget has a number of assumptions regarding the data, and a couple of configurations as outlined below.



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Hi @Jess Es,

Can I use a webui::ElementTextIdentifier in this chart?

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This being a ‘plotly’ chart added as an Application Specific Resource, it does not align with the standards options we offer for charts unfortunately. Hence look & feel and some behavior is missing (e.g. tooltips configuration, store focus).

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FYI: Working on a native AIMMS widget. See

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Now available in 4.76, with the native AIMMS features such as tooltip, elementtextidentifier etc.

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