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  • 1 April 2020
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Is it possible to add a sound to the WebUI?

For example, you press the optimization button in the application and when the optimizer is finished the sound will pop up.


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Hi @OlmoVerhagen , this is not possible at this time and also not foreseen. 


Did read this blog in the mean-time, To be honest, I recognize the first part of the post (“Having been burned by these user experience atrocities, web developers stay well away from it.”); we had it in the WinUI but was often badly used and end users needed to turn off the sound to keep a pleasant experience. Then again, times are changing.  Curious to learn of others.


BTW: You cannot depend on sound alone as often the sounds of computers are turned off by default. So I do recommend to e.g. use a popup message or dialog, adding info to the status bar that shows ‘finished’ or ‘finished 3/20’ if you do 20 runs. 




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Hi @Gertjan, thanks for you response!

We chose to include the pop-up message & status bar for this.


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