Timing when to start showing the Progress Message "Busy" bar

  • 28 January 2020
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We noticed a few customers asking to have control on when to start showing the Progress “Busy” Message bar on top of an Application while AIMMS is executing something (default is 0.4 seconds). For example, when there is execution going on, but it’s just above the default threshold and you do not want to see this message yet. 

This can be easily achieved by adding the following custom CSS:

/* do not show busy window for first 1.5 seconds */

.veiled .tag-veil {
transition-delay: 1.5s;


Please know that data changes are still blocked so don’t make this to long as else users might think the App itself is not responsive; e.g. clicking a cell or item in a chart won’t work until the execution is done. Also, this is an application wide change. 


PS: In case you did not know, you can adjust the message. For details, see https://manual.aimms.com/webui/library.html#setprogressmessage


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