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  • 23 October 2019
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Hello everyone!

Anyone is having the same problem as me? I am trying to translate the message “Prepare download” of the widget “download”, but it is not changing…

What I did: 



For everything else it worked just fine, but for this widget didn’t. Am I missing something?

3 replies

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Hi @gabiservidone . Yes, I reported that to Gertjan:

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Hi Gabriela,


This text you can change in the settings of the download and upload widget.

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Hi @gabiservidone @Guus Kattenbelt @mateusarakawa ,


Please know, we consider Guus’ answer as a workaround.

However, the underlying problem that all text in the download widget does not respect translation due to a bug in the initialization order. Namely, all the following strings are being skipped:


           initial: AWF.I18n.get("Prepare download"),

            preparing: AWF.I18n.get("Preparing download"),

            ready: AWF.I18n.get("File ready to download"),

            addFile: AWF.I18n.get("add"),

            prepareDownload: AWF.I18n.get("start"),

            startDownload: AWF.I18n.get("get"),

            error: AWF.I18n.get("Download error: check log"),

            procedureError: AWF.I18n.get("Procedure error: check log"),

            noProcedure: AWF.I18n.get("No procedure specified"),

            noProcedureStatus: AWF.I18n.get("Please specify a procedure"),


Except a fix in  AIMMS 4.69.7 Hotfix Release


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