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  • 16 April 2021
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Hello, WebUI community :)


WebUI performance (i.e., ensuring a snappy user experience) is a key focus area for the AIMMS WebUI development team. Early this year, we released a performance improvement like 'Smarter Delivery'. Many performance enhancements are triggered by your input during several sessions over the last year; thanks for that! The primary learning for us is that there is more to WebUI performance than merely measuring how long it takes to load a page in your browser, for example, how your end-user perceives your application. 


We want to continue with this effort this year by organizing regular (i.e., a few times a year) meetups (with a group of users). During such a meetup, we plan to

  • share success stories between customers on how they managed to improve the performance of their application and/or
  • deep-dive into a specific, real-life, WebUI application to understand the reason for slowness and share tips.

The outcome of such a meetup could be some tips on improving your application, and some performance-related feature requests that the AIMMS WebUI development can work on. In the end, we aim to improve the user experience of your WebUI application.


We want to ask you whether you would be interested in joining these 'WebUI performance' meetups. To be more specific,

  • would you find such a meetup helpful, and
  • would you like to participate in sharing your stories during such a meetup?

Thank you :)

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I would be interested in such a meeting! Always good to learn more how to improve our applications further. Also happy to share some of our stories.




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Thank you, @Guus Kattenbelt, for your interest. I will email you to check how we can work together on this


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