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Hi, can you help me check this command, I want to generate the detailed infeasibility analysis report from AIMMS. How and where to declare “CPLEXParameter” and “generate InfeasibleAnalysisReport”? Is this the correct approach? if not please assist me.

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Easiest would be to try and solve your math program with a solve statement in MainExecution.


If it is infeasible, then in AIMMS go to the math program inspector:



There in the actions menu, go to the IIS



After that is finished, AIMMS will highlight he constraints that are part of the IIS.

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Alternatively, you can use the Infeasibility Finder, as explained here. This tool will print a set of infeasible constraints and variables in a file, namely the listing file.

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I will try it out soon. Thank you for your soonest reply Mr@gdiepen & Mr @Marcel Hunting

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I have followed the steps and it reached the purpose. It shows which constraints have been violated. Thank you for the guidance. However, I have another question, is it possible for AIMMS to show the suggestion to tackle the violation automatically in terms of values or character in order to give the feasible solution. (As example, if constraint 1 is the room capacity =50 and the result gave infeasible result like 51 which that constraint is violated , can we know automatically from AIMMS how many is outside the constraint bound. For this one, 1 is outside the bound)

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You might want to check the language reference about infeasibility analysis:


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