Extracting list of constraints

  • 10 June 2024
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Hi there, 

This might be a trivial question, but what's the easiest way of extracting a list of "active" constraints from a math program? Essentially I want the list of constraints names in the Math Program Inspector, exported into a text file. 

The reason behind this requirement is that I have two very similar LPs that I want to compare, to identify why they differ.

I've tried: the constraints listing file (too large / complex and some formatting differences make it difficult to DIFF), exporting AllConstraints. What other options are available?




Best answer by Marcel Hunting 10 June 2024, 16:27

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2 replies

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Hi @bazza. I would print the constraint listing files for both LPs and then compare them using the CompLis tool, as explained here.


Thank you, Marcel - that's a very useful sounding tool.


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