Rake building through wagon building

  • 16 April 2024
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Dear Team,

I have a problem. I need some helps. I have several coils with weight. I have to load coils on wagons. There are two types of wagons. The capacity of two types of wagons are 64 and 67 respectively. I have to make rakes by joining wagons. There are three types of rakes. In one rake type, 1st type of wagon can be used. It takes 4 wagons to make a rake. In rake type 2, 2nd type of wagon can be used and 5 wagons are required to make a rake. If we club two different types of wagons, then also we can make rake. It takes 3 wagons to make a rake. My objective is to make full rakes and utilize all the coils with minimum cost. 


I have designed a variable v_(i_Rake_Type,i_Wagon_Type,i_Wagon,i_Coil). 

The constraint is 

sum[(i_Wagon_Type,i_Wagon), v_WagonType(i_Rake_Type,'Wagon_1',i_Wagon)] = 4*sum[i_Wagon_Type, v_RakeTypeUsed(i_Rake_Type,'Wagon_1')];

I am finding it sometimes problematic. In the last types of rakes, we need to use two different types of wagons. 

Am I doing in right way. Kindly help. 


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Hi @RwitamJ,


I don't understand your question. What are you trying to achieve with the constraint you describe?


Some remarks: 

Would it benefit you if you use 4 types of rakes, instead of 3? 
If I understand your problem correctly, there are 4 ways of making full rakes: 
There are only two ways of making a full rake of 3 wagons consisting of two types. Thus, you would get the following rakes:
* 4 wagons of type 1
* 5 wagons of type 2
* 2 wagons of type 1 and 1 wagon of type 2
* 2 wagons of type 2 and 1 wagon of type 1


In the constraint, in both summations you use the index i_Wagon_Type. However, you don't use that in the summation; there you use the fixed index 'Wagon1'. 
Are you using the correct index in your summation?


Kind regards,




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