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  • 13 March 2019
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This community is open to AIMMS software users, AIMMS employees, and the public. Please adhere to the following guidelines to help keep this community organized, engaging, and friendly for everyone.

We may update these guidelines as needed, please refer to the current version if in doubt.

Use of the Community

  • Respect others
  • Avoid double-posting - search for the topic before creating a new post
  • Post in the most relevant forum
  • Be mindful that your post will be visible to all
  • Do NOT post any personal information (phone numbers, addresses, payment information, etc.) about yourself or others
  • AIMMS logo and trade name are strictly reserved for AIMMS employees and moderators - private users may NOT use them as avatar or username
Inappropriate content

AIMMS moderators reserve to right to remove any inappropriate content (including images). This includes:
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Threatening posts/behavior
  • Advertising or spam
  • Swearing
  • Personal details (phone numbers, addresses, payment information, etc.)
  • Comments of a sexual or violent nature
  • Behavior likely to offend

AIMMS may at any time:
  • Remove or edit user posts which violate these community guidelines
  • Remove and block from the community any users who disobey these guidelines

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