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  • 19 April 2019
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Tag other community members

You can tag another user to notify them of a post. To tag a user, type the @ symbol, and begin typing their username. As you type, a list of matches appears where you can select the user you want to tag. When you submit your post, they will receive a notification of the tag and a link to the post.

Follow community members

When you notice a member whose posts are often helpful or interesting, you can follow them to receive notifications of their activity. Click their user name to go to their User profile and click Follow member.

Sending private messages

You may contact another member with a private message if they have enabled this feature. Click their user name to go to their User profile and click Send message.

3 replies

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How can you see a list of all the members?
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Hi Bon, I haven't found a way for community members to see a full list of members. Are you trying to search for someone or something in particular?
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No, @Jess Es, I'm just wondering who the other 42 folks here are, so far. A community feels more like a community when you get to know your neighbors, y'know?


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