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  • 19 April 2019
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Thread and subforum subscriptions

When you subscribe to a topic or subforum, you will receive notifications whenever there is new activity. You can unsubscribe by visiting the post or forum again and clicking Unsubscribe.

When you are mentioned in a post

Other users can tag you in a post to get your attention. If you don’t want to receive notifications when you are tagged, go to your profile settings.

When you participate in a thread

When you participate in a thread you will receive a notification for the next reply in that topic, but you will not receive notifications of any further replies unless you visit that page again.

Every time you visit the page, while logged in, the system resets your participation and you will receive a notification of only the next reply. This prevents you from getting “spammed” about topics you didn’t subscribe to. This setting cannot be changed.

If you want to receive notifications for all replies to that thread, click Subscribe (star) at the bottom of the original post.

Opt in or out of notification emails

If you want to change notification settings, go to your profile settings.

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