Can we combine the legend and multiselect widgets?

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  • 19 November 2019


In many (webUI) applications, I have a chart which shows data dependent on a selection (usually through a multiselect widget). Also in many applications, I have or want a legend widget to display what means what. These two widgets are so similar in terms of contents that it would be really neat to be able to combine them; e.g. show the colored boxes in the multiselect widget.

I think the above suggestion would be very valuable but might take a while to release. In the meantime, is there any way to style the mutliselect through css to mimic the same behavior?

A final question; what is the best way to style a graph - legend if you want to use custom colors? After fumbling around with annotations, I can get the job done, but I feel that the way to link the legend with the graph is cumbersome, which makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong. Tips are welcome!

Thanks - Richard

Hi @Richard , thank you for posting your idea. Perhaps you want to post the “question” part of your post in the WebUI section, as it may be more visible to those who can help.

Hi @Jess Es, good suggestion. Will do right away!

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