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  • 18 November 2020

As a end user (role) I need the ability to export graphics as images or pdf documents (functionality) , so I can make a presentation with the results of optimization (goal).

Graphs refer to the following WebUI widgets:

Current workflow:
Key widgets defined by end users are duplicated in WinUI and exported to pdf using standard AIMMS functionality bound to widget action or screenshots are taken.

Looking forward to discuss this topic!

Thanks for sharing @Mstislav Simonenkov, I have heard this request before and typical answer now is indeed use a snipping tool. Since people can vote on these ideas; love to see the community response to it.

It looks like this request is related





Hello Community,

We have been working on such a feature and preparing a proof of concept. We will first make this available for charts and then for the table and full page. 

Some things we are looking at are the quality of the exported image and also the size (dimensions). The first iteration will be a simple export to image and further iterations may include other options. 

We are working hard to try to have this ready by the next couple of releases. Stay tuned to the Product Update. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.






Hi Community,


Here is a sneak peek at the progress of exporting the charts to images.

The charts will now have an extra option in the header, a camera icon. Clicking on this icon will export the chart into a .png file.

The resulting .png file will be the same size (dimensions) as the widget on the page.

You can also make the widget full screen and export the image, in which case the dimension of the .png file will be larger as well. Below is an example of the .png file exported when the widget is expanded to full screen.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.



Hi @Pratap Kumble,


I really liked how you have implemented setting the size of the exported image - inheriting the size of the widget in my opinion is much more convenient than specifying the width and height in pixels!

Could you please tell:
What is the Color depth of the resulting image? 
The path in which the images are saved in AIMMS Developer and AIMMS PRO is pre-defined or can be configured or is interactive as in the Upload widget?

Hello @Pratap Kumble ! 

Will be possible to print the full page trough a procedure? 


Hi @Mstislav Simonenkov ,

Thanks for the feedback. That is already very useful.

I believe its a 32 bit image, and when you click the button it will be downloaded to the default folder specified in your browser (in my case its the Download folder). The image is downloaded on the client's machine. 


Hi @gabiservidone , We plan to also have the same functionality to download the full page as image. We do not have an AIMMS procedure to export the images. We plan to release this for charts first (if possible we will try the full page as well) and then we will extend this to the Table. 


Hope that answers your questions.




Hi Community,

For the first iteration, we will be releasing the “Download Image - PNG” for the following widgets:

  • Bar Chart
  • Line Chart
  • BarLine Chart
  • Bubble Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • TreeMap Chart
  • Table (Viewable area - not the complete table)
  • Gantt Chart (Does not support the scrollable area)
  • Application - Full page

We managed to extend this to the application and the table widget as well.

When downloading the image, the widget title is taken as the filename. In the case that no title is specified, then the filename is the chart type (eg. barchart.png).

We are releasing this under Experimental Features and you can find this in the upcoming feature release.





Released earlier this month  in 4.79, see https://www.aimms.com/support/new-features/#ChartAsImage

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