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Hello Comunity! 


I’d like to show additional information to a button, like what to expect by clicking on it. 

Is it possible?


I’ve tried to use a sting paramter for the button’t title, and to connect a tooltip to that, but it didn’t worked.

Tried with simple text and in HTML format too.




Hi @Boglarka Balogh 


It is currently not possible to add tooltips to buttons. 
However we have had this come up as a request before to extend tooltips to non-chart widgets. It is being considered in the pipeline.

I have moved your post to the customer ideas section.


Hello everyone, 


Is there know a way to do tooltip on buttons?



Hi @gabiservidone,


Currently, there isn’t a way to show tooltips on buttons. 


Can you help me with an example of what you want to display as the tooltip? 

Would you also change the content of tooltip based on some data or condition, or do you expect it to be static?


Have you tried using Page Actions? It allows to add some text. 






My need is to put a tooltip on the marked buttons. 




Hi @gabiservidone , 


Thanks for the example. 

I’m assuming you would want to have not only literal/static text for the tooltip but also be able to assign a string parameter so the tooltip can be updated based on certain conditions.


We will discuss this requirement internally. 




Dear Community,

From  AIMMS 4.81.7 you can add custom tooltips to the

We have provided a new option “Custom Tooltips” under the Miscellaneous tab in the widget settings where you can specify a literal value like “Click for more information” or a string parameter that can be data driven and which also supports HTML. 

Please click on the links above for the respective documentation.



Team WebUI

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