dex::ReadFromFile not checking sheet name

  • 6 February 2024
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It seems that when you upload a file using the dex::ReadFromFile (dex and using an excel mapping structure like: 

    <ExcelSheetMapping name="Demand">

uploading a wrong sheet name does not results in a failure which I would have expected to be. 

Do I need to add something to the mapping? Or is this not how it supposed to work?

Glad to hear any feedback.



Best answer by MarcelRoelofs 8 February 2024, 09:16

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3 replies

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Hi Marc, 

I am taking a look at this, let you know when I have more. 

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Hi @Marc Wingender 

DEX will iterate over all sheets in the workbook and will read the data if there is a mapping with either a name or name-binds-to attribute that matches the sheet.

Similarly, this is also true for JSON/XML mappings which do not complain when a mapped node is not present in the actual JSON/XML document

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@MarcelRoelofs , thanks for the reply, this clarifies the behavior. We will seek for another approach to improve our checks. 



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