How to import data from Databricks into AIMMS?

  • 30 April 2024
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I want to import data to AIMMS from Databricks. when I import data to Power BI, we are using the following strings:


could you help me to configure AIMMS to import the data ?




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2 replies

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Hi Luis,


Thanks for reaching out. Recently @Vincent built a notebook template for the other way around (getting data from AIMMS into Databricks). I can share this Notebook with you in hope it helps you in the right direction. Can you tell me which email address I can send it to?


You’ll need SAS-tokens for the authentication - if you’re using a regular cloud (as opposed to an SCNavigator cloud) you can use our datalake toolkit to create them.

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You can send me an email on btw :) so you don’t have to share an email address on this forum.


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